Chapter 3. Web Browser Interface for Institute (Deputy) Director Users

Go to the URL:

above (you may be bounced via DICE weblogin authentication).

Choose the REF (Institute) desktop from the menu. If you don’t see any data you probably have not been assigned as an Institute Director or Deputy Director within the Referee system - contact an Admin user to fix this.

You will get a desktop open with two tabs:

The first tab (open by default) lists ALL papers proposed for the REF associated with your institute (submitted by members of your institute). All data on this panel is is read only and any attempt to change data will result in an error. You can scroll through papers using the scroll bar at the right of the panel. This can be inefficient when there are a lot of papers in which case querying for a few at a time is beneficial. For example, to view just Joe Blogg’s papers click on the New Query button at bottom right, click in the Submitter Lastname field and enter "bloggs" then click on the Search button at bottom right. You should then just see the papers submitted by Joe Bloggs.

The Status box has some management stats. The Raters: Done/Count, Rater1: Rating (Name) and Rater2: Rating (Name) fields are the same as on the PapersToModerate panel on the REF (User) desktop. If the first and second rater assigned ratings differ the Raters field will have the value "Disagree", otherwise if they are they same this will be "Agree". If one of the raters has not entered a rating yet this will be blank. The Moderaters: Done/Count and Moderaters: Rating (Name) do exactly the same job except for the moderaters assigned to the paper. Note that any number of raters and any number of moderaters can be assigned to a paper. The Moderater field will be "Differs" when the average value (as a floating point number) of the ratings given by the raters is distinct from the average value (as a floating point number) given by the moderater, and will be "Average" otherwise. It will be empty if one or both raters have not entered a rank or if the moderater has not entered a rank. This field can be used to show where the moderation process has resulted in a rating divergent from the original rating. Following completion of review th Result field value will indicate the best rated paper (based on moderated rating) for each submitter. Where a submitter has multiple papers rated the same then the one that the submitter ranked highest will be indicated as the best. Where the submitter has used the same ranking more than once then the one indicated as the best will be effectively random. Further information about all fields can be found in the DDL Documentation.

Now click on the Overview tab. This has largely identical content to MyInstitutePapers however it is presented in a tabular format which can be easier to use to get an overall or filtered view. You can search on this in the same way as the other panel. For example, to see just the best submitted papers for each author in your institute click on the New Query button at bottom right, click in the first row under the column Result and enter "best" then click on the Search button at bottom right. You should then just see the best papers submitted.