Chapter 2. Web Browser Interface for all Users, Raters and Moderaters

Go to the URL:

above (you may be bounced via DICE weblogin authentication).

The Choose Desktop menu has three desktop options (ignore the first two):

The first, REF (Admin) is for Admin users only. You can open it but will get an insufficient privilige error unless you have the necessary administrative priviliges.

The second, REF (Institute) is only for users that are Institute Directors or Deputy Directors. You can open it but will not see any data unless you have been assigned an Institute Directorship role by the Admin users.

The second, REF (User), is for all other users (submitters and/or raters and/or moderaters). What you can do will depend on what roles you have been assigned.

Choose the REF (User) desktop from the menu.

You will get a desktop open with three tabs:

The first tab MyPapers will be open. This lists the papers you have personally put forward for the REF (ordered by Rank). Nothing on here is editable.

Click on the PapersToRate tab. This panel contains a table that lists the papers you have been assigned to review including rank and URL. You can click on any paper on the table to select that paper and you can use the cursor keys to navigate up and down papers, or use the scrollbar at the right. Above the table are two fields showing the Reason for Submission and the Abstract for the current paper selected in the table. These can be expanded if necessary using the browser widget at the bottom right corner of each field.

The default ordering of the table is Lastname, Rank but you can change that. On the table only the MyRating and MyComment columns are editable, you will get an error if you try to change anything else. To make changes simply click on either the MyRating or MyComment cell on the appropriate row and enter something in either or both fields. Then click on the Save Changes button at the bottom right of the screen. The table should reload with your changes made. You can redo the changes, enter ratings for more than one paper at once before saving the changes, etc.

You can enter restrictive queries rather than listing all papers. For example, to just show unrated papers: click on the New Query button at the bottom right of the screen and the table will switch to showing a blank row and the cell background of that row will be green in colour; click on the MyRating cell, enter =, click on ToolBox tab at top right and change Choose Pattern to Exact Match; click on the Search button at the bottom right.

Click on the PapersToModerate tab. This lists the papers you have been assigned to moderate. The behaviour and usage is identical to above - in this case the MyRating field is the moderated/agreed rating though. There are however a couple of additional fields: Raters: Done/Count and Raters: Rating. The former indicates how many raters have been assigned to the paper and how many have actually entered a rating. For example, you might see "0/2" meaning two have been assigned but neither have yet rated the paper, or you might see "2/2" meaning both have done their job. The latter field is a list of all the ratings the raters have made, e.g. "2" and "3" would be shown as "2(Bloggs)/3(Doe)" where the lastname of the rater is included in brackets.