Chapter 1. Introduction

The Referee system holds a copy of the details of all papers submitted for the REF. The relevant data is extracted automatically from PURE on a regular (once daily) basis. The copy is not locally editable, if there is anything wrong the corrections must be made by updating the data held in PURE.

The Referee system allows administrators to assign raters and moderaters to each paper. Those raters and moderaters can then review and give a rating (from 0 to 4 in 13 steps) to each of the papers they have been assigned. They can also provide a freeform comment. Moderaters also have access to an aggregated list of the ratings made by each of the raters for each paper they are moderating. Administrators can then choose papers for submission based on these rankings.

Two interfaces are provided to the system. There is a web browser user interface provided for both ordinary users and admin users. There is also a RESTful API that provides access to complete functionality. The API may be preferred over the web interface by some due to the possibilty it offers for scripting and managing bulk updates. The API can also be used to make adhoc extractions of data (e.g. to load into a Spreadsheet to produce custom reports) for offline manipulation and subsequent re-entry.

Both interfaces require pre-authentication using a DICE account and are accessable from outside EdLAN.